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Enjoy multiple digital business cards for everyone in your organization with a click.

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Fantastic Features

Pay As You Grow
Pay only for what you use, Increase or reduce as needed.
Brand Consistency
Control the look and feel of all sub-cards with unique settings.
Unlimited Sub-cards
Manage unlimited sub-cards under your organization.
One-Click Creation
Create all of your sub cards by simply importing a .csv file.
Organization Page
Get your organization's digital card page for management use.
Card's Custom URL
Create unique sub-card addresses under your organization's domain

Create Your Team Card With A Click

Provide everyone in your organization with an impressive digital business card. There is no need to spend hours creating and designing each card. Use our .CSV template to fill in everyone's details like email addresses, phone numbers, social media accounts, and more. Import the file into your team card account, and the system will generate sub-cards for everyone within a few seconds. That's it

Brand Your Business

The importance of brand consistency cannot be overstated. That's why CardPage's Team Card lets you customize the overall look of all the sub-cards within your organization. Using a business domain name, defining the card colors and template, displaying the organization's logo, and setting a unique address are just a few examples of how the admin of the team card can control its brand presence

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my team card?

It's simple! Click the Start Here button and start building your team card. If you already have an account, on your CardPage dashboard, click "+" and select the Team card option from the top menu.

How many sub-cards can I create under a team card?

Unlimited. The number of sub-cards you create is up to you. Depending on your needs, you can add or remove cards.

Do I need to create the sub-cards manually?

Not at all! You will receive a .csv template file where you can update all the information for the sub-cards you wish to create. When you are ready, import the file, and the system will create all of the sub-cards in seconds. Your organization's sub-cards will be ready quickly.

How much does it cost?

We have three different packages starting at $4.5. Each sub-card costs $4.5, with a minimum order of 10.

Is it possible for me to change the number of sub-cards I have?

Yes, of course! Adding or removing sub-cards is always possible. You will be billed only based on your usage, so you will only pay for what you use.

Can I connect a unique domain to every sub-card?

Of course! With an upgraded team card, you can control the sub-card addresses. With a single setting, you can create subdomains under your business domain name (e.g., or connect a custom domain to each card. The choice is yours!

Is it possible to grant another person access to edit his sub-card?

Of course! You can send login details to specific sub-card owners so they can manage their sub-cards.

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